Update #8 is the sixty-sixth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In response to Chris' recent video, Heather decides to tell the audience what's been happening to them since 2015.

Heather explains that after leaving the hospital due to her gunshot wound reopened, she left Chris and Alex unannounced to pursue a happier life.

Chris and Alex had collected Charlie McDowell's dead drop package, containing much of Daniel Shipman's research, including a laptop (that Heather claims is broken), a journal belonging to Marc McComber, and several documents. Heather mentions that Daniel had managed to contact her, helping Chris and Alex reunite with her.

Throughout 2016, Chris, Alex and Heather lived together in long-deserved solace with no encounters with The Order, until Chris and Alex suddenly disappeared in November. This prompted Heather to upload the Massachusetts Footage in hopes to uncover a clue of her friend's whereabouts. After uploading the video, Heather began to notice the Order stalking her once again, forcing her to move away.

Heather ends the video begging the audience to help them locate Chris and Alex, providing her email in the description.

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