Update #3 [3:04 PM 3/24/2011] is the eighteenth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Chris and Alex discuss the events that occurred in Log 14-1 and 14-2. Although Chris has recovered, Greg was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital, and that his body was missing some vital organs. A police detective with the surname Amsel informed Alex that Greg's death was likely the result of a serial killer known as the "Tall Man". Alex describes the detective as strange, as did Chris when he was approached by him after his release from the hospital. Chris got the impression that the detective was not local police and might have been an FBI official. When Chris requested identification from the detective, he kept avoiding the question. Chris said that he felt obligated to answer the detective's questions as he was a large and intimidating individual. The detective informed them that the "Tall Man" is always seen near the area before anyone realizes that the crime has been committed, and that he always steal the organs of its victims. Chris and Alex vow to investigate Greg's homicide themselves, using Kind von der Ritter's response videos as leads.

Trivia Edit

  • "Amsel" translates to "blackbird" in German.
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