Unsolved Conspiracies

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The history forum post with a link to the unaired episode

is a cancelled 1998 documentary series that was to be aired on The History Channel. It was featured in the Unsolved Conspiracies Se1 Ep00 (Pilot) episode of the DarkHarvest00 series.


Chris stumbled on a link to a history forum where a user called "DevNul", who claims to have worked on the show itself, posted a link to a torrent site where he posted a VHS-ripped copy of it. DevNul stated that the show was never aired and that unresolved legal issues permanently prevented the show from being finished.


For more information, visit Princeton Experiment

The Unsolved Conspiracies episode titled "The Princeton Experiment", discusses the Princeton Experiment. The experiment was a covert operation headed by the United States government to recreate the ancient Egyptian Rite of Gorr'Rylaehotep

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