the last three months - part two
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Alex has a plan.

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December 11, 2013



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the last three months - part two is the sixty-eighth video in the Dark Harvest series.

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Alex, Chris, and Heather are drinking and talking. They mention that it is Halloween. Chris says that they found finally found the body of his mother, who was missing. They reminisce about their families. Heather talks about how cold her father was and how used to hit her for talking back. They then notice that the camera is on, and Chris assumes that he left it on. They drink a toast to their viewers who have been with them for over 2 years, and note that it will be three in a month. Alex reflects on his family and notes that he was rather unhappy with them, and remarks that he's almost glad to be starting a new life. They also reminisce about Greg Benson and how they knew him since childhood. The color in the video begins to flicker, but Chris doesn't seem to notice. Chris asks Alex if he's alright, as he had been quiet for a while, and Alex says he's going to throw up. Alex picks up the camera and begins walking with it. The audio begins to distort and Gorr'Rylaehotep appears in the hallway as Alex vomits into the toilet. He returns to Chris in tears, telling him the vomited blood. Alex collapses onto the floor, sitting next to the sofa, crying amidst more audio distortion as Chris goes to comfort him. Chris attempts to calm Alex who becomes more distraught and incoherent.

The audio distortion abruptly stops, and Chris informs the viewers that Alex recovered quickly and was fine a few days later, and that he never mentioned seeing what the camera recorded. Chris also states he was frightened and confused upon reviewing the footage, and that he had no idea that Gorr'Rylaehotep was ever even in the apartment. He expresses confusion as to why it didn't simply kill the way it killed Greg and says that it seems like Gorr'Rylaehotep is just toying with them.

The next shot says "November 3, 2013", and it shows Chris sleeping on the couch and waking up to his phone ringing. He answers it and Noah Maxwell is on the other line. He informs Chris that he saw the videos Chris posted, Log Entry 30 and Log Entry 31, and tells him that he is extremely sorry. Noah states that he never should have gone to The Order, because not only did he not learn anything, he put Chris and Alex into much more danger, and feels like he directly contributed to death of their families. He agrees to send $2,000.

The next shot says "November 26, 2013", and it shows Alex and Heather eating while Chris films. Alex wonders openly how long they can continue to live with Matt Sharky. Chris says that Matt told them they could live there as long as they wanted, but Alex says he doesn't want to live there in fear for the rest of his life and that he feels like they should do something. Alex says he's got an idea, but that they won't like it.

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  • Chris reveals that his mother was found dead, killed by the Order and her body ditched on a highway.
  • Footage reveals that Gorr'Rylaehotep had been inside Matt's apartment.
  • Alex suffers a panic attack.
  • Noah Maxwell provides Chris with $2,000.
  • Alex announces he has a plan.

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The last three months - part two

The last three months - part two