Standoff at Brandt-Crater Cemetery
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The Order appears with handguns.


Daniel Shipman's Visit: Third & Fourth Days


Brandt-Crater Cemetery


Chris, Alex and Daniel's investigation of the Rainwood Learning Center.



Chris, Alex and Daniel escape unharmed.



The Standoff at Brandt-Crater Cemetery is an event that occurred in early January 2013 where three members of the Order attempted to gun down Chris, Alex, and Daniel Shipman at Brandt-Crater Cemetery.

Background[edit | edit source]

Earlier in January, Daniel Shipman visited Chris and Alex, explaining that there is cult activity where he lives in Rhode Island and that he was also given mysterious key from a unknown person. Daniel had researched the Rainwood family and had not found any records of Jacob Rainwood and believes he does not exist. They interviewed Matt Sharky, who denied this and mentions a locked door at the Rainwood Learning Center that he was not able to open when he cleaned the place out with Jacob a while back. Daniel was convinced the key he received belonged to that door and requests that he, Chris, and Alex investigate.

Chris, Alex, and Daniel broke into the Rainwood Learning Center and found the locked door Matt mentioned. Daniel unlocked it with his key. In the room, they found a locked tool box which the key could not open but Daniel managed to pick through it. A lone document is found inside. Before leaving, members of the Order showed up looking for them. While hiding, Daniel volunteered as bait and ran out of the building. As the cultists pursued him down the street, Chris and Alex escaped. Sometime later, Chris and Alex met up with Daniel in a cafe. On the document they found, there is a code that requires deciphering.

Daniel deciphers the code on the document, which leads them to Brandt-Crater Cemetery. Behind a tomb labeled "Ritter", Chris, Alex, and Daniel find a tablet with the The Order's symbol. Under the tablet is an engraved map of the cemetery. Daniel takes a photo of it before smashing the tablet to pieces with a crowbar. Chris and Alex toss some pieces in a nearby river so the Order can't reassemble it.

The Standoff[edit | edit source]

While continuing to search the cemetery, a voice is heard saying "It's them!". Chris, Alex and Daniel looked to their left to find three members of the Order brandishing handguns. The three take cover behind some tombstones as the cultists open fire. As they reload, Chris, Alex and Daniel run to their car and drive off. One cultist manages to shoot the car in their getaway.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Angered and frightened by the event, Chris and Alex decide to abandon Daniel's investigation. Daniel returns to the cemetery that night to find it blocked out by police, forcing him to abandon the investigation as well and return to Rhode Island.

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