Rainwood Memorial Elementary School is the thirty-fourth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary Edit

Daniel arranges a meeting for Chris and Alex with a representative of the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School. The two wander the school's corridors, unaware that the tall man is lurking about. They eventually find the representative's office and discover that their friend Matt Sharky is the school's director of activities, claiming he has worked with the Rainwood family for years. Matt explains that the school has been losing students following the disappearance of a child, prompting Chris to bring up an incident that occurred in the 1950s were several children disappeared from the Rainwood Day Camp. The two confess to Matt that they have been investigating Greg's homicide, and that his murderer was responsible for the 50s incident. Matt mentions that the Learning Center is slated to be torn down and that he was tasked to clean out valuable items before its destruction. Matt willingly hands Chris and Alex a box containing floppy disks, hoping they will provide Chris and Alex more leads.

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