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The Rainwood family is known to have strong ties to the Amsel family and The Order, with Jacob Rainwood being the current Chief Overseer of the organization. Members of the Rainwood family were part of an organization known as the Novus Ordo Europa (New Order of Europe) up until the 1930s, at which point they are no longer listed in the registry. Around this time, an ancient Egyptian tablet was stolen from a British museum and The Order was first founded by a man who would come to be known as the First Overseer. Since then, members of the Rainwood family have been part of the organization.

Public records indicate that the entire Rainwood family moved to Austria in January of 1985, although this is known to be untrue. During that time, the Chief Overseer of The Order was Lawrence Rainwood, who also founded the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center in the late 1950s. After the Rainwood Incident occurred at the day camp, it was shut down and was badly damaged in a fire shortly after. The Rainwood family's next business venture was the Rainwood Memorial Elementary School, which was in use until late 2012. Both the defunct day camp and the elementary school have been used as meeting places by the New Jersey Chapter of The Order. According to Matt Sharky, the Rainwood family is looking to start new enterprises.