Noah Maxwell
Noah in "Log Entry 22".






Ashkenazi Jewish








Chris, Alex, Daniel Shipman, Milo Asher†, Firebrand


The Order, Gorr'Rylaehotep, New Jersey Chapter Overseer, The Collective, The Observer, Mary Asher†


Knife, hand gun



Noah Maxwell is the main protagonist of the TribeTwelve series. He has appeared in only one episode of DarkHarvest00 entitled "Log Entry #25: Meeting with Noah Maxwell" in which he arrived late to Chris' house. Noah contacted the two and set up a meeting in hopes to gain more knowledge about the Slender Man, knowing that the DarkHarvest00 crew was being tormented by the same being. Chris phoned Noah in "the last three months: part one" and Noah phoned Chris in part 2.

Prior to the meeting, Noah visited his friend Sam who provided him with a list of members of "The Order" called the Manifest. Later he met up with Jesse who gave him a piece of paper containing the name and time of a meeting with the Order and a theat. After some negotiating, Chris and Alex agreed to drive him to the Atlantic Test Site so he could meet the Overseer face-to-face. Noah ventured off into the woods and Chris and Alex stayed at a distance in their car (so the DarkHarvest00 crew didn't catch Noah's meeting on camera). After a few minutes, Noah came running back to the car followed by various cult-members, exclaiming "Shit went down and I just ran."

After a close brush with the Slender Man, the three were warped through time and space to a beach, leaving them frightened and confused. Frustrated, Chris and Alex abandoned Noah and drove off without him after he admitted that he mentioned the two in his meeting. Noah was picked up by Daniel and tried his best to laugh off the strange and frightening event, and also said to Daniel, "Can we go get some ice cream?"

In 2013, he got a briefcase containing a few mementos from his cousin Milo Asher, a message from Milo and nearly $100,000. He was suspicious of the money, not knowing whether or not it was real let alone where it came from. When Chris and Alex fled from their homes after the Order killed their families, they contacted Noah asking for financial help. He didn't want to send them any money partially because he didn't believe them about the murders but mostly because he was paranoid about the money. He sent them $2000 when they uploaded footage of the day they fled.

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