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The New Jersey Chapter Overseer (real name Brian Holmes) is a recurring antagonist in Dark Harvest. He is the Overseer of the New Jersey Chapter of the Order, appointed by Jacob Rainwood.



The Overseer wears a black and red cloak and white mask. During Greg's initiation, he wore a white cloak. He is a caucasian male with brown hair and a goatee.


The Overseer is strictly devoted to the Order and who shows very little remorse and great animosity toward those who bring harm to his goals. Despite this, he seemed very welcoming toward newer members of his chapter.


Sometime before the start of the series, the Overseer was appointed his position by Jacob Rainwood, the Chief Overseer of the New Jersey Order chapter. In early 2011, the Overseer initiated Greg to his chapter of the Order, under Jesse's recommendation.

The Overseer welcomes Greg to the Order.

In the summer of 2012, the Overseer met with Noah Maxwell at the Atlantic Test Site and provided him with minimal information about Mary Asher's whereabouts. Upon learning that Noah acquired a manifest of the Order's New Jersey chapter, the Overseer became suspicious and demanded to know who sent him. Noah reveals Chris and Alex's involvement with the meeting, just as Gorr'Rylaehotep appears. The Overseer witnesses the creature slaughter many of his brothers and sisters, while Noah escapes. Infuriated by Chris and Alex's attempt to infiltrate his chapter, the Overseer demanded the they be killed.

In early 2013, the Overseer hosts the execution of Jesse, who had broken several of the cult's laws by revealing information to Chris and Alex, and being seen in the presence of the Order's 6th enclave. After Jesse was beheaded, the Overseer gave a final warning to Chris and Alex, threatening to murder their families and torture them for life unless they stop infiltrating his chapter. He had the footage of the execution sent to Chris via DVD. The Overseer's message proved effective, until Heather revealed the cult's intentions to kidnap and sacrifice outsiders to Chris and Alex. The Overseer sent members of the Order to kill Chris and Alex's families as promised. The traumatic experience sent Chris and Alex (along with Heather) on the run.

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Killed Victims[]

The Overseer has been involved in the deaths of the following characters.