Log Entry 35 is the sixty-eighth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Heather reunites with Chris, but learns that the Order has a planted a microphone under his shirt and a tracker is embedded in his ankle. The two arrive at a motel where they quietly remove the mic and Heather operates on Chris’ ankle to extract the tracker. After they've departed, a trio of cultists break into the motel room and find the microphone and tracker, to their dismay.

In the car, which they plan to abandon to prevent the Order from tracking them, Chris reveals to Heather what transpired during the past couple of years. During the time they were living with Heather, Chris and Alex had gone shopping but were captured by the Order and were made their prisoners. Assuming the 6th Enclave knew about their imprisonment, the Order attempted to transfer Chris and Alex to a new location via convoy, during which Chris caused a crash and escaped with the driver’s phone, allowing him to film and upload VID 20180419. Chris attempted to return to New Jersey but was recaptured by the Order and imprisoned for over another year. The Order used Chris in an attempt to capture Heather, which ultimately failed, leading to their current state. Alex remains a prisoner to the Order.

Chris believes he knows a way to bring down the Order. He recalls an investigation from early 2013 with Daniel Shipman in which they attempted to locate a secret weapon that can destroy the cult, hidden within Brandt-Crater Cemetery. Although Daniel destroyed the map, he had taken a photo of it with his cell phone, which was given to Chris by Charlie McDowell in the care package he received in 2015. Chris and Heather resolve the find the weapon and put an end to the Order for good but agree to rescue Alex first.

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