Log Entry #33 is the sixty-first video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

On the road, Chris and Heather are shown talking about their circumstances. Chris remarks that she could run away, as the Order isn't targeting her the way its targeting him and Alex. Heather talks about how her father is still in The Order and how her mother will do anything he says as she's afraid of him too. She talks about how she couldn't stand living with her father and ran away when she turned eighteen, and that she won't go back to them. Chris says that he isn't suggesting she go back to them, but he is noting that staying with him and Alex is not the best idea. Heather says that they are the closest thing to a family that she has.

The car then breaks down, and Chris contacts Alex to pick them up. Chris sets up a weather antenna, saying that it can also pick up police transmissions and that he wants to stay on the look out for cops. They return to the car and talk some more. Heather asks Chris if he's ever considered suicide. Chris isn't sure why he hasn't, saying that it might be out of fear, or a sense of responsibility to her and to Alex. He also mentions that respecting his parents memory is part of the reason why he's still around.

Heather talks about her past, and how she always felt like she was trying to prove to her father that she could get his love. She talks about her family having had a level of prestige the Order due to her grandfather being the Oracle, and says that the it drove her father even crazier. She also talks about how she didn't really have any friends before Alex and Chris reached out to her. She says she misses her mother.

When Alex picks them up, they all discuss how they are going to survive on the run from the Order in terms of finances and staying under the Order's radar. Pained from a headache, Alex pulls the car over. Gorr'Rylaehotep appears amid audio distortion, and Alex is shown grimacing, bleeding from the mouth and ears. Alex pulls out his gun, and Chris and Heather wrestle it away from him. Heather is then shown firing the gun in the direction of Gorr'Rylaehotep, who disappears.

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