Log Entry #32 is the fifty-ninth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Alex, Chris, and Heather decide to infiltrate an Order gathering at the Atlantic Test Site using forged credentials. A lone member stops them at the gate and becomes suspicious of their late and unannounced arrival, forcing Alex to knock him out with a sleeper hold.

At the gathering, a member questions their sudden presence. As Chris and Alex explain, another member claims he recognizes their voices, which prompts Chris and Alex to draw their guns. Despite their beg for mercy, Chris and Alex shoot the cultists dead. One member attempts to flee, but is shot down alive.

They remove his mask, revealing Matt. Horrified and enraged, Chris and Alex demand an explanation. A wounded Matt admits that he has always been a member of the Order, and that he had witnessed Gorr'rylaehotep slaughter his fellow cultists during Noah's visit, as well as Jesse's gruesome execution. He then reveals he knew about the Order's intention to kill Chris and Alex's families, which enrages the two even further due to his lack of warning.

As Matt dies, he claims that he would have never turned them over to the Order, and that he desperately tried to leave. Chris then shoots Matt dead and breaks down in grief.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The morality of killing the cultists (including Matt) was widely debated in the comments section of the video.
    • Some viewers expressed disapproval over the fact that Chris and Alex would massacre helpless people who had pleaded for mercy.
    • Others viewed the actions as morally justified on the basis that the Order killed their parents and also had plans in motion to kill other people (as described in Log Entry 29) and that they were discussing them prior to noticing Chris and Alex's presence.
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