Log Entry #3 [11/29/2010 6:51 PM] is the third video on the the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Chris, after arriving home from work, finds that his power was out and attempted to check his email on his laptop. He discovers that he had received an email from his own account while he was at work, which contained three images titled "Mortem Obire". The images revealed that somebody had been in his room around the same time that his door had seemingly shut on its own. Chris then learns that "Mortem Obire" can roughly be translated to "going to meet death".

Trivia Edit

  • "Mortem Obire" is Latin for "going to meet death".

Inconsistencies Edit

  • Chris mentions that his house's power is not working, yet he managed to access his email regardless, which requires internet connection. An internet modem cannot work without electricity to power it.