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Log Entry #27 is the forty-sixth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


This video is actually a few days old. Alex and I had debated whether or not uploading this would be a good idea. I'm still against it, but things have been pretty quiet recently and this seemed to be our only option. Now the point of this "message" is not to threaten, but show that we are in control and will command our own destinies. We are not pushovers and will not just be pawns in a game. I hope the Order thinks twice before trying to pull some shit now. Not to mention that their "spy" is as good as useless to them now.

Regardless of what will come next, I am satisfied that retribution was delivered.

edit: Also, the tape that we found in Jesse's room is definitely Greg's. This may be the last piece of the puzzle regarding what actually happened to him.


Prior to the events of the video, Chris and Alex kidnap Jesse and find a tape belonging to Greg in his room.

They take Jesse to a spot in the woods and tie him to a chair. Chris begins to interrogate his former friend while Alex stands watch. Jesse remains unresponsive, causing Chris to lose his temper and attack and knock him out. Chris and Alex duct tape Jesse to the chair before he wakes up. Chris threatens to burn Jesse alive, prompting the latter to finally speak. Jesse says The Order's current Oracle has prophecized that Chris and Alex will bring harm to their goals, deeming them "harbingers". Chris begs for options to stop the cult from targeting them, but Jesse insists there nothing they can do. When people arrive in the distance, Chris and Alex are forced to let Jesse go.

While driving home from the scene, Chris and Alex debate on uploading the video of Jesse's interrogation to the YouTube channel. A paranoid Chris refuses, scared that he will be sent to prison, but Alex believes uploading the video will expose the Order's activity to the public and warn them to back off.