Log Entry #26 is the forty-fifth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

Summary Edit

Chris and Alex are viewing the comments section of Log Entry 25 where viewers are criticizing their choice to abandon Noah. Alex explains that Noah has made them a target of The Order once again. Anticipating an attack at any moment, Chris and Alex decide to make the first move. They devise a plan to kidnap Jesse and film a warning message to the cult. They lure Jesse in by inviting him to a party in Vineland, New Jersey. Jeff provides the two with capture and interrogation equipment, and instructs them to call him if things go awry.

Jesse arrives to drive Chris and Alex to the party. Alex offers to drive, knowing its location, but Jesse insists by showing them his GPS. Refusing to blow their cover, Chris and Alex play along and ride with Jesse. At one point, Chris calls Jeff, telling him he "forgot the firewood", signaling Jeff to follow them. They arrive in a forested area in Vineland at nighttime. Jesse stops the car and quietly apologizes to Chris and Alex before exiting. The Order emerges, carrying wood axes. Realizing the trap, Chris and Alex attempt to run away, but they are quickly apprehended by cultists.

Chris and Alex are placed before two executioners, with their arms tied together, mouths taped shut, and burlap sacks over their heads. The cultists remove the sacks for execution and Jesse is given the honors of killing Chris. If he succeeds, he will become an Arch Vassal. Visibly shaken, Jesse is unable to execute his former friend and is pushed away by his superior. Just before the axes are dropped, Jeff appears and holds the cult at gunpoint, demanding Chris and Alex's freedom. The cult complies and the trio escape.

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