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Log Entry #20 [10/28/2011 3:04 PM] is the thirtieth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel, and the first video of season two.


Two months have passed since Chris and Alex agreed to end their investigation of Greg's homicide. On October 28th, Chris decides to film again. He attends a yard sale managed by a girl named Heather. He finds a mysteriously looking chest containing a symbol that was found in the Collective Knowledge, and seen in the Rainwood Learning Center. Intrigued by the item, Chris asks for the price, but Heather claims it is not for sale, being a family heirloom. She mentions her surname is "McComber" and confirms to Chris that she is Marc's granddaughter. Posing as a college history student, Chris tells Heather that he is researching local artifacts and requests to interview Heather. She accepts and they schedule a time to meet.


  • Heather mentions that she is moving away, hence the reason why she is having a yard sale. However, she remains living at the same property up to Log Entry 31, set nearly two years later.