Log #19 is the twenty-eighth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

this footage is from yesterday. details later


A day after Log 18, Chris and Alex return to the woods. They see no bags of blood or organs, but they do find masks and a sweatshirt scattered on the ground. They run into the suited man, who starts to chase them. As they flee, Chris witnesses Kind von der Ritter attack the suited man. After exiting the woods, Chris and Alex encounter the tall man that Alex encountered in Log 18 and hurry back to the house. Hiding in the basement, the two find that their phones no longer work and they can't call the police. They return to the upper level to use a land line, but they find that the tall man has entered the house and it eerily swings itself into view.

Trivia Edit

  • At the end the video when Gorr'rylaehotep appears in the house, the same audio distortion effect from The Atlantic Test Site video is heard.
  • This is the first instance in the series where Gorr'rylaehotep, The Order, and Kind von der Ritter all make appearances in one video, even though the latter is hardly recognizable due to the shaky camera.
  • Alex apparently loses his glasses during the chase with the Suited Cultist.
  • Alex mentions he and Chris used to play in the woods that they are investigating.
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