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Log #18 is the twenty-seventh video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Alex stops playing his video game and looks outside his living room window. He spots three cultists watching him. Alex hurries to his basement, collects a hatchet, and runs outside after the cultists. The cultists escape into the woods across from his house, laughing sadistically. Heavy visual and audio distortion occurs. Alex presumably falls over, struggles back onto his feet, and runs back home. He calls Chris over, who urgently arrives with a crowbar on hand and enters the woods, but Alex argues that he encountered what he thinks was Greg's murderer. Despite Alex's protests, Chris continues into the woods, determined to avenge Greg. The two find three bags of blood and organs, the presumed remains of the three cultists that ran from Alex. Panicked, Alex pleas that they investigate the area another day, and Chris begrudgingly agrees.


  • Alex is seen playing World of Warcraft at the start of the video.