Log #12 is the thirteenth video on the the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Chris and Alex visit their friend Greg. On their way out later on, the two spot Kind von der Ritter watching them from across the street. They try to approach him, but der Ritter brandishes a knife, prompting Chris and Alex run back to Greg's house. They try to call the police but their phones are not working and the landline is dead. The trio hide in the basement. Noises are heard upstairs, implying that der Ritter has broken into the house. Greg mentions that der Ritter has been stalking him recently. Sometime later, Chris, Alex and Greg decide to go back upstairs. They arm themselves then rush to the upper level, finding nobody.  

Trivia Edit

  • Kind von der Ritter was likely trying to hand Chris and Alex his knife to signify his trustworthiness, which was later displayed in Log Entry 15.
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