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Kind von der Ritter is a recurring character in Dark Harvest. He is a mysterious figure associated with the Order, and an on-and-off ally of Chris and Alex. He also manages the KindVonDerRitter YouTube channel.

According to Daniel Shipman, his assumed identity is that of Marc McComber.

He first appeared in Log Entry 7 and hasn't made another physical appearance since 2011.


Appearance and Behavior

Kind von der Ritter is a slender human (very likely a male) who wears a black hooded cloak, a featureless white mask that resembles Gorr'Rylaehotep's face, and white pants.

Kind von der Ritter's motives have been a subject of debate since his debut. His behavior has been largely mysterious, and he has never been observed speaking outside of text, though he has confirmed that he wishes for Chris and Alex to trust him.

While his exact relationship with the Order is not yet known, he is (or once was) apparently able to attend and film their meetings. He has referred Gorr'Rylaehotep, as a "monster", and does not seem to believe in the Order's cause.

At times, he has offered what seems to be helpful advice to Chris and Alex, as well as performed acts in an attempt to gain their trust. He has also revealed The Order's secrets to Chris and Alex on several occasions.


Kind von der Ritter has displayed the ability to alter the flow of time for those around him, as he has been observed freezing time on two occasions. He may also be responsible for Chris, Alex, and Jesse being sent back in time after visiting the Atlantic Test Site. Distortion is also known to occur in his presence. Despite this, he states that he is only human, or at least once was. He has also claimed to exist in a separate world from other humans and mentioned being able to "see the future" and "hear the past".

Actions and Appearances

Log Entry 1
Although he doesn't make a physical appearance, it speculated that Kind von der Ritter was responsible for closing the door in Chris' house.
Log Entry 3
Chris shows three images titled "Mortem Obire", which had been sent to him by Kind von der Ritter through his own e-mail account. The phrase can roughly by translated to "going to meet death"
Log Entry 6
Chris and Alex hear a noise upstairs and investigate. They discover that the attic has been opened and that a newspaper discussing the disappearance of Marc McComber is inside. Kind von der Ritter is likely responsible for leaving this clue.
Log Entry 7
(2:35) A hand possibly belonging to Kind von der Ritter reaches into view and closes a door.
(0:16) Kind von der Ritter enters Chris's bedroom while his house is seemingly empty.
Kind von der Ritter's point-of-view in Log 8. He films himself following Chris, who eventually notices him and flees.
Log 12
(4:10) Kind von der Ritter is found by Chris and Alex as they leave Greg's house. As they approach him, he draws a knife and the two of them flee back into the house and hide in the basement. Sounds are heard in the upper level, confirming that he broke in.
the black book.wmv
Following a lead provided from Kind von der Ritter, Chris, Alex, and Jesse find the Black Book in the Rainwood Day Camp.
The Atlantic Test Site
(11:56) Kind von der Ritter approaches Chris, Alex, and Jesse in the woods and chases them back to their car. The three then attempt to run him over as they drive away, although seemingly fail. Upon returning home, the three discover that they have been sent back in time to the time when they first left.
Log Entry 15
(3:15) Kind von der Ritter enters Jesse's room during the night and leaves behind his knife as a plea for trust.
Kind von der Ritter sent a video to Alex through his e-mail. It depicts an Order gathering at the Rainwood Learning Center, in which time freezes partway through and a man is apparently sacrificed. It is implied that Kind von der Ritter may be the cameraman.
Log 19
(2:14) Kind von der Ritter attacks the Suited Cultist when he chases Chris and Alex in the woods. It is mentioned in Log 19.5 (Update) that the police found a pool of blood near the spot where Kind von der Ritter fought the cultist, implying the latter was killed. This is his last physical appearance.
Kind von der Ritter films himself wandering Chris's house while Chris and his father are present. Time is frozen throughout.
In this video, Kind von der Ritter went into greater detail about himself and confirmed that he wished to gain Chris and Alex's trust. The video also contains a series of messages meant for Daniel Shipman implying Daniel would deliver a message to Chris and Alex as well as discover a weapon to tear the Order apart in New Jersey. The video also mentioned a key and ROT; Daniel would later receive a key in an envelope given to him by a woman on the street near a church holding a late-night sermon and use ROT to solve the codes the key would lead him to, which were clues about the supposed betrayal of Lawrence Rainwood by conspirators within the Order.

Killed Victims

Kind von der Ritter has killed the following characters.


  • Kind von der Ritter means "Son of the Knight" in German.