Jeff Benson is a supporting character in Dark Harvest. He is the older brother of Greg.

He first appears in Log Entry 24.

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Jeff is a tall, slim adult male with short dark brown hair and lip piercings.

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Jeff is a caring and resourceful individual. He displayed great concern who expressed profound concern for Greg's psychological well-being after joining the Order. He helped Chris and Alex transfer the contents from Matt's floppy disks, and provided them with interrogation materials and advice when they planned to question Jesse.

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"Alright, fuckers! Put down the weapons!" -Jeff confronts the Order
Jeff expressed concern toward Greg after he found a strange book, a mask, and a knife in his closet. Greg assured him he would be okay, explaining that he was gonna host a party with some friends. After Jeff leaves for Hoboken, Greg is murdered.

Shortly after Chris and Alex received the floppy disks from their friend Matt Sharky at the elementary school, Jeff transferred the contents onto a disc from them to help further their investigation.

On the anniversary of Greg Benson's death, Jeff gets in contact with Chris and Alex. He tells them that he discovered several tapes that Greg must have recorded while he was still alive. The three decide to review the footage, learning that Jesse had coaxed Greg into joining the Order. During this time, he meets Daniel Shipman.

When Chris and Alex decide to capture and interrogate Jesse, Jeff provides them with the necessary equipment. However, Jesse ends up delivering Chris and Alex to the Order for execution. Jeff, armed with a hand gun, comes to their rescue.

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By 2020, Jeff has relocated to California and has been investigating Greg's death, as well as the Order, obtaining a lot of information of the New Jersey Chapter's members and passing them onto Chris via a dead drop left at the site of the Rainwood Day Camp & Learning Center, which has since been destroyed. Chris calls Jeff, who manages to tap into their phone's GPS and help him and Heather evade the Order, who had been pursuing them since they picked up Jeff's package.

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