Jacob Rainwood








New Jersey



Order Rank

Chief Overseer


Lawrence Rainwood† (father)


The Order, Gorr'Rylaehotep, New Jersey Chapter Overseer, Matt Sharky


Chris (possibly), Alex (possibly)



Jacob Rainwood is a minor character in Dark Harvest. He is a member of the Rainwood family as well as the Chief Overseer of the Order.

He has yet to make an appearance.

Description Edit

Appearance Edit

Nothing is known about Jacob's appearance, but according to the Order's 1985 East Coast Assembly Manifest, he has a lazy eye.

Character Edit

Jacob is described as a generous and likable, according his former employee Matt Sharky. A

History Edit

In 1985, at age 27, Jacob was the Overseer of the Order's New Jersey Chapter. Some time after this he gained the position of Chief Overseer, which had previously been held by his father, Lawrence, and passed on the role of New Jersey Chapter Overseer to another member.

According to Daniel Shipman, no public records of Jacob Rainwood's presence in the United States exist, not even a birth certificate, although it is known that he is within the country or is otherwise being impersonated by another individual. Matt Sharky, a former employee of his, had claimed to personally know the man and has referred to him as being a good person; paying Matt's rent and going to lunch with him even after no longer employing him. Jacob's followers are willing to go to extreme lengths to hide information on the conspiracy surrounding his father's death.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob's alignment in the series is undetermined. He has yet to make a physical appearance in the series and has not actually posed a significant threat towards Chris and Alex. Only his followers have attempted to harm them, and if is unknown if Jacob had approved these actions or not.
  • Despite being considered a minor character, Jacob has a great significance to the plot. He is only considered a minot character due to his lack of an appearance.
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