Invasion of Heather's House
Heather attempts to flee from the attacking cultists.


Log Entry 31


McComber house


Heather informing Chris and Alex of the The Harvest.



  • Chris and Heather escape.
  • Heather is shot and wounded.


  • Heather McComber (wounded)

The Invasion of Heather's House is an event that occurred on the evening of August 21, 2013 at Heather McComber's house shortly after the murder of Chris and Alex's families. Two members of The Order invaded Heather's house, forcing her and Chris on run. In the process, Heather is shot and wounded on the leg.

Background[edit | edit source]

With The Order nearing its start of "The Harvest", an event involving the capture and sacrifice of innocent people, Heather contacted Chris and Alex and pleaded for their help to stop the cult, revealing her family ties to The Order. Fearing the safety of their families, Chris and Alex declined to help her. However, a member of The Order eavesdropped on them and informed the Overseer, who subsequently demanded the killing of Chris and Alex's families as warned earlier in 2013, as well as the capture of Heather for execution.

Chris and Alex arrived home to find to their horror that their families are dead. Chris, after collecting a handgun and several supplies, hurried over to Heather's house, believing she was responsible.

The Invasion[edit | edit source]

Chris arrived at Heather's and knocked on the front door. With no response, he went around the house and knocked on the porch's sliding door. Heather let Chris inside and the latter began screaming at her about what had happen to his and Alex's families. He brandished his handgun, demanding answers from Heather. Heather managed to tame Chris' rage, assuring him she has no clue what was happening.

Chris and Heather began to have a heart-to-heart conversation, channeling their stress and grief over the sudden chaos. That was interrupted when a cultist wearing a red mask and another wearing a white mask appeared and smashed open the sliding door after the two. Chris fled outside to his car. Heather soon followed, along with the the red-masked cultist who then shot her in the leg. Chris helped Heather into the car and they escaped while red-masked cultist continued to open fire on them.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Heather begged Chris to take her to a hospital, but he was sure the cultists would trace them there. Chris stopped the car and tended to Heather's wound, cleaning it with a bottle of alcohol. They eventually met up with Alex, where they decided to seek their friend Matt Sharky for help.

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