Invasion of Chris' House
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The Order arrives at Chris' doorstep.


February 24th


February 24, 2012


Chris' House


Chris and Alex's recurring investigation of The Order's history and practices.




The Invasion of Chris' House is an event that occurred on the night of February 24, 2012 at Chris's home, where several members of The Order raided the house and stole Chris' copy of the Collective Knowledge and Heather McComber's Princeton Experiment documents and attempted to murder Chris in the process.

Background Edit

Sometime after Chris had collected the Princeton Experiment documents from Heather's chest, The Order managed to somehow learn about Chris and Alex's on-going research of their history and practices.

Because The Oracle prophecized that Chris and Alex would bring harm to the cult's goal of reaching the Fourth World, the New Jersey Chapter Overseer ordered seven of his vassals to invade Chris' home and silence the harbinger by any means necessary.

The Invasion Edit

On the night of February 24, 2012, Chris was home alone playing Bastion on his laptop. He began to hear noises outside and looked outside the window of his bedroom. Chris spotted an idle cultist staring at him beside the sidewalk. As soon as the cultist noticed Chris, he ran on the front lawn.

In a panic, Chris ran downstairs and grabbed a knife from the kitchen and proceeded to call 9-1-1. A smashing noise is heard upstairs, prompting Chris to investigate. Upon climbing the stairs, Chris found the cultist had climbed through his bedroom window and was staring him down on the other side of the hallway.

Chris hurried back down the stairs to the front door, but when upon opening it he found to his horror that six more cultists were waiting for him. Chris ran back upstairs and re-encountered the cultist that broke inside, now carrying a knife. He brushed past him, but was stabbed in the process.

Chris managed to lock himself inside the bathroom. He examined the wound on his lower torso, which started to bleed profusely through his tank top. On the meantime, the cultists proceeded to loudly ransack the house and eventually retrieve Chris' copy of the Collective Knowledge and the Princeton Experiment documents, therefore stripping Chris of any more leads.

Alex's Arrival and Aftermath Edit

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 5.00.11 PM

Chris after the attack.

Chris texted Alex for help. Alex immediately left his house and drove to Chris', but heavy traffic kept delaying his arrival. Upon reaching Chris' house, Alex witnessed the fleeing cultists and tried to give chase, but he remembered Chris and allowed the cultists to escape. Alex entered the house and found the bathroom door locked and desperately called for Chris to open it. With no response, Alex managed to picked the lock and found Chris unconscious in the bathtub.

Chris survived, though the stabbing had traumatized him, as he refused to acknowledge anyone or properly film and entry for over a month. He even remained silent and stone-face during his meeting with Heather, where he was expected to be apologetic for robbing her a few months prior.

The police questioned Chris about the incident, but the details of their conversation remain private.

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