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Heather McComber is the tritagonist of DarkHarvest00. She is the granddaughter of Marc McComber, whom Chris and Alex meet in late 2011, and a reluctant member of the Order.

She first appeared in Log Entry 20.



Heather has dirty blonde hair.


Despite coming from a dysfunctional family with no friends, Heather is at first very laid-back and welcoming toward Chris and Alex, but is also secretive, lying about her grandfather's fate during their interviews and eventually confessing.

She has shown reluctance in her involvement with the Order, having been forced to join and expressing her horror toward the cult's intentions to sacrifice innocent people, pleading her only friends for help.



Prior to the events of the series, Heather lived with her dysfunctional parents, who are members of the Order and she was eventually initiated against her own will. Heather was given a mysterious chest containing the cult's symbol, said to be heirloom passed down from her institutionalized grandfather and Oracle of the Order, Marc. She has always been forbidden to open it. Her father, a dedicated member of the cult, was so overbearing that it drove Heather to move out upon turning 18-years-old.

Meeting Chris and Alex[]

In late 2011, Heather ran a yard sale, which Chris attended. The chest could be found there among many other items. The Order's symbol and Heather's surname caught Chris' interest and he offered to buy the chest, but she declined. Unbeknownst to her, Chris posed as a history student studying local artifacts and informed her that her grandfather Marc used to live in his house before his alleged disappearance in 2001. Heather than agreed to meet Chris and his friend Alex for an interview. At the interview, Heather explains that how she inherited the chest and that Marc was an assistant scientist during the Princeton Experiment that took place at the Atlantic Test Site the 1950s. In later years, Marc began to suffer from dementia and he eventually disappeared. During a second interview with Chris and Alex at her house, she is oblivious to the boys plan to look inside the chest. Chris and Alex's friend Jesse poses as a stranger with a broken down car. As Heather tends to Jesse with Alex, Chris uses a skeleton key to open her chest and collect its contents before locking it again to prevent suspicion.

In March 2012, Heather receives a call from Alex who confesses their actions during their second interview in the wake Chris' stabbing by the Order and learns of their hostile involvement with them. Although frustrated, Heather forgives them for Chris' sake. In turn, Heather reveals that she was keeping secrets from them and informs of Marc and her father's involvement with the Order, and Marc's institutionalization as a result of the Princeton Experiment and that he broke out shortly after.

On the Run[]

In August 2013, Heather reveals her status as a member of The Order to Chris and Alex, warning them of the coming "harvest" and asking for their help, only to be turned down. Days later, Chris confronts her, believing her to be responsible for The Order killing his and Alex's families. As she claims otherwise, a member of The Order in a red executioner's mask appears and attempts to kill Heather, shooting her in the leg as she flees with Chris. After recovering, she stays at Matt Sharky's house to hide from The Order along with Chris and Alex until they learn of his betrayal and kill him.

In 2014, Her gunshot wound opened again and became gravely infected. She begged Chris to take her to a hospital and he soon gave in. He returned days later, only to learn that there were no records of her to be found. She has been missing since. Chris told Alex he missed her.

In 2016, it is revealed that Heather is alive, and has taken over the DarkHarvest00 channel. She is uncertain of Chris and Alex's whereabouts, but has collected footage from three separate cameras that they used, intending to watch them and piece together what happened to them.

Chris's Messages and Finding Chris[]

After a period of inactivity, a video was posted on the channel by Chris, and after another amount of time, Heather posts again. She states that she wasn't able to properly look for Chris and Alex, because The Order had begun tracking her as well. She begs Chris to continue reaching out.

Two years after that last upload, Heather posts another video. Here, she allows the viewers to listen to a voicemail Chris had previously sent her. Chris mentions he's alright, and making his way down to where she's at. He begs her to not look for him herself, and instead has been saving money for bus tickets to make the trip. He says he'll see her soon.

After the voicemail, and Chris never showing up, Heather made the conclusion that he's dead. However, she reveals that she'd heard from him the day she was filming, and spoke to him on the phone. Chris suddenly is adamant about meeting on the phone, and in public, versus his previous reserved stance. Heather has suspicions over it, but realizes it's her last chance to see him again.

Two days after that video, Heather and Chris meet up. The audio is silent for most of the beginning, and the two hug before getting back in Heather's car. Chris asks for something to 'drink', instead signalling for something to write with his hands. On a notebook, he reveals that this meet-up was indeed a trap, and they have him mic'd and have implanted a tracker inside his ankle. The two make their way to a CVS, where the camera pans to gauze pads and first aid kits. They then rent out a Motel room, where Chris writes down instructions to keep the TV on so he can remove the mic pack, and then the tracker. After Heather cuts the tracker out of Chris's ankle and they leave both devices at the Motel, the two leave.

While Chris shares what has happened to him, and states he wants to allow the viewers to know everything, Heather remains reluctant, worried for Chris and Alex's safety.

Killed victims[]

Heather has killed the following characters.

  • One member of the Order