freundliche_fremde is the second video posted by Kind von der Ritter. It was uploaded on December 22, 2010 in response to Log 8.


A camera shows a night vision view of Chris with his own camera, likely from Log 8 when the audio distortion comes in. Chris turns to the cameraman and falls to the ground.  

The words "project GABRIEL" flash on the screen before the camera shows Chris running away.  

Audio distortion comes in as the word "marco" flashes on the screen followed by the numbers "108","97","110","103","101","108", and "111". 

In addition, the large dark-grey word "VERITAS" is in the same frame. A distorted wind-like noise is heard in the clip except at the end message. 

Trivia Edit

  • "Freundliche Fremde" translates to "Friendly foreigners" or "friendly strangers" in German.
  • The video confirms that it was Kind von der Ritter who frightened Chris in Log 8 and severely distorted the video.
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