February 24th is the forty-sixth video in the Dark Harvest series.

Summary Edit

Chris is home alone when he starts hearing noises outside. He takes his camera and looks out the window of his bedroom. He spots a masked cultist watching them. The cultist notices Chris and runs to the front of the house. Chris hurries downstairs and collects a knife before calling 9-1-1. The call is interrupted by a noise upstairs. Chris realizes the cultist has climbed inside and is waiting for him. He goes to the front door to escape, but finds a group of cultists waiting for him. He runs back upstairs and squeezes past the cultist that broke in, getting stabbed in the process. Chris locks himself in the bathroom while the cultists search the house, taking the Collective Knowledge and Princeton Experiment documents. Chris, bleeding out in the bathroom, texts Alex, who drives to the house in a panic. Alex witnesses the cultists leaving in a car and tries to give chase, but returns to the house and finds Chris close to death.

Trivia Edit

  • Chris is playing Bastion at the start of the video.
  • The song that plays in Alex's car is "Some Thing We Do Everyday Pinky" by Broadway.
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