Daniel Shipman's Visit: Second Day is the fiftieth video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Chris, Alex, and Daniel break into the Rainwood Learning Center and find the locked door Matt mentioned. Daniel unlocks it with his key. In the room, they find a locked tool box which the key can't open but Daniel manages to pick through it. A lone document is found inside.

Before leaving, members of the Order show up looking for them. While hiding, Daniel volunteers as bait and runs out of the building. As the cultists pursue him down the street, Chris and Alex escape unseen.

Sometime later, Chris and Alex meet up with Daniel in a cafe. He escaped from the cultists by sheltering in a supermarket. On the document they find, there is a code that requires deciphering.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the part where the Order shows up, Chris had to change to a lower-quality camera because the one he was initially using ran out of battery.
  • Alex and Daniel both question how the Order knew they were in the Learning Center. It is possible due to Matt Sharky's involvement with the Order (revealed later in Log Entry 32), that he warned the cult about Chris, Alex and Daniel's investigation, therefore sending the cultists to find them in the Learning Center.
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