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Charlie McDowell
Charlie in Daniel's video "Cheers".








Providence, Rhode Island




Daniel Shipman, Chris


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Charlie McDowell is a minor character in Dark Harvest. He is a friend and business associate of Daniel Shipman.

He first appeared in Daniel's video Cheers, and made his first appearance in Dark Harvest in 2014 - Alex woke up, voice only.



Charlie is an average-sized adult male with short black hair.


Charlie is shown to be the polar opposite of Daniel. He is jovial and talkative, but still contains Daniel's traits of being studious and devoted to his research. He has a Massachusetts accent.


After the Order killed Chris and Alex's families, Daniel posted a video of him and Charlie drowning their sorrows with Jack Daniels, swearing at Jacob, taunting the Order's stupidity and discussing how events turned out. Charlie offers emotional support to Daniel, who expresses a sense of guilt for the death of Chris and Alex's parents.

Sometime in 2014, Chris and Alex attempted to contact Daniel, but were unable to reach him. However, the managed to contacted Charlie, who explained that Daniel had vanished roughly six or seven weeks earlier and that he wasn't even sure if Daniel was alive or not. According to Charlie, he and Daniel were gathering information as always but Daniel made a blunder that attracted too much attention. It seems Daniel was confronted by operatives (presumably of the Order) as he expected but not by the ones he was expecting. Charlie believed he was confused about the situation. He shouted something to Charlie who fled the scene and got cornered by police officers who proceeded to interrogate him. Six weeks later, Charlie got a message from Daniel's "man friend" (whom he presumes was Daniel's boyfriend) who had a contact for Charlie and told him Daniel had some hidden information left in his apartment that was left over from his research. Charlie left it at a dead drop in Massachusetts for Chris and Alex. Charlie expressed fear and concern that he was being watched, and expressed reluctance to step outside of his "bubble", as he put it.

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