Capture and Interrogation of Jesse Laurenzi
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Chris angrily interrogates an unresponsive Jesse.


Log Entry 27


Undisclosed wooded area in New Jersey


Retaliation for Jesse delivering Chris and Alex to The Order for execution earlier that month.



  • Jesse betrays The Order's laws by revealing their motives to Chris and Alex.
  • Jesse is freed and later goes missing for several months.
  • Chris and Alex acquire a tape from Jesse that belonged to Greg.


  • Jesse Laurenzi (beaten by Chris and goes missing)
The Capture and Interrogation of Jesse Laurenzi is an event that occurred in late October 2012 where Chris and Alex successfully kidnapped Jesse Laurenzi with the intention of sending a warning message to The Order.

Background Edit

Furious at the The Order for their attempted murder on them, Chris and Alex managed to kidnap their former friend Jesse and take him to an unknown wooded area in their town to question him on how they can stop The Order from targeting them. Chris and Alex brought a camera and tripod to film the event, intending to have Jesse deliver the tape to The Order as a warning message.

It is unknown how Chris and Alex kidnapped Jesse, but during the capture Chris found a tape that belonged to Greg in Jesse's room.

Interrogation Edit

Jesse awoke in the woods tied to a chair. As Alex kept watch close by, Chris questioned Jesse on how he and Alex can stop The Order from targeting them, recalling how he was stabbed by the cultists earlier that year. He also furiously blamed Jesse for Greg's death, pointing out how he found Greg's tape in his room. Jesse remained quiet and stone-faced for most of the interrogation. This, along with Jesse's consistant struggling, gradually enraged Chris, who at one point beat Jesse to the ground, kicked him, and spat on him. Jesse was knocked unconscious by this attack and his arm came loose from the chair. After using duct tape to tie Jesse back to the chair, the former awakened again.

Jesse still refused to speak, which prompted Chris to douse him in gasoline and threaten to immolate him. Jesse tried to call his bluff, but Chris lit a match and advanced toward Jesse, causing him to panic and give in. Jesse reveals that The Order's Oracle prophecized that Chris and Alex will bring harm to their goal of reaching the Fourth World, and that the cult will stop at nothing until they are dead. Chris and Alex were forced to let Jesse go when people arrived on the site.

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