Brandt-Crater Cemetery is a cemetery in New Jersey with ties to The Order. It has been implied that the "weapon" to tear The Order apart mentioned by Kind von der Ritter may be hidden there.

Present Edit

Chris, Alex, and Daniel Shipman visited the cemetery following a series of clues about Lawrence Rainwood's supposed betrayal by conspirators within The Order; the trail of clues had been set in motion by Kind von der Ritter, although some may have been left by Lawrence himself. There they discovered a slab marked with The Order's symbol, which one of the organization's Overseers would stand on while leading a meeting, frozen into the ground behind a mausoleum labeled "Ritter" at the back of the cemetery. Using his crowbar, Daniel pried the slab out of the ground and discovered a map of the area. After getting a picture of said map, Daniel shattered the slab and the three disposed of the pieces in a nearby lake, with Daniel keeping a few for himself, in an attempt to hide the map from The Order. While following the map, Chris, Alex and Daniel were attacked by members of the Order wielding a shotgun and the three escaped. Daniel came back later alone but the cemetery was being investigated by the police. Knowing the Order had operatives in the police force, he gave up. In the next video Chris uploaded, he explained that Daniel believed the "weapon" the map lead to was evidence of Lawrence's betrayal and a list of those involved. It is possible the traitors are high ranking members of the Order today.

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