The Atlantic Test Site was the location in which the Princeton Experiment took place. It is now a meeting place for the Order.

During the Cold War, NASA used the Atlantic Test Site to monitor the Sputnik Satellite. The site was later converted into a state park.

Daniel Shipman investigated the area in August 2012 and found melted candle wax on the antenna there where Greg Benson was initiated.

In February 2014, Chris, Alex and Heather disguised themselves as members of the Order and infiltrated a meeting. When one of the Order members recognized their voices, they pulled out guns and killed everyone there. They just injured the last member and discovered it was Matt Sharky, the man who let them live with him after their families were murdered by the Order. He revealed he was a member of the Order for years and that he knew about the murders of their families. He claimed he wanted to escape for a few years and got too scared to after the Noah Maxwell incident. Consumed with anger, Chris shot him through the head.

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