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2014 - Alex woke up is the sixty-third video on the DarkHarvest00 channel.


Alex awakes from his catatonic stupor, confused and asking for answers. His conversation with Chris revealed that the last thing he remembered was getting out of the car in Log Entry 33 and that he had no memory of any events since. Chris then brought him up to date.

Chris then received a note under the door which said "You are not alone" and gave directions to a small park, formerly a landfill. Chris went to where the note instructed, and discovered an envelope filled with approximately $5,000.

Chris and Alex decided to buy a car, and weapons to protect themselves. They also decided to contact Daniel Shipman. When they attempted to do so, they couldn't get a hold of him, but were able to get in touch with his friend and business associate, Charlie McDowell. Charlie described how Daniel vanished six to seven weeks earlier, and how he wasn't even sure if he was still alive.

According to Charlie, he and Daniel were gathering information as always but Daniel made a blunder that attracted too much attention from The Order and invoked their wrath. It seems Daniel was confronted by operatives of the Order as he expected but not by the ones he was expecting. Charlie believed he was confused about the situation. He shouted something to Charlie who fled the scene and got cornered by police officers who proceeded to interrogate him. Six weeks later, Charlie got a message from Daniel's boyfriend who had a contact for Charlie and told him Daniel had some hidden information left in his apartment that was left over from his research. Charlie left it at a dead drop in Massachusetts for Chris and Alex.


  • The video contains footage from Daniel Shipman's video Cheers, which plays briefly during Chris' phone call with Charlie.
  • Some viewers believe Kind von der Ritter left the $5000 for Chris and Alex.
  • It is revealed by Charlie that Daniel has a boyfriend, making him one of the first LGBTQ characters in the Slenderverse.